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The Program

ECLIPSE provides a clear pathway to sales success. The ECLIPSE pathway maps the learning journey through the end-to-end process of transformation of a sales organisation.

Plan and Prepare

Work begins in PLAN AND PREPARE

Research current sales methods and align to the future sales vision. Design and develop bespoke ECLIPSE training programs for every client. Develop custom sales standards unique for each client as a foundation for sales success. Key stakeholder green-light


The IGNITE phase trains the sales organisation. Using the custom sales standards training is implemented to IGNITE the sales teams. The ECLIPSE process includes:

Key stakeholder briefing. Sales Leaders custom training program. Sales Coaches. Sales Teams Training (Account managers, Retail sales staff, Customer service, Sales Support)


The ECLIPSE program doesn’t stop after training is completed – that’s when the sales action really starts!

The ECLIPSE Sustainability Program ensures that all participants are provided with the support and opportunities to apply what they learn and to maximise sales results

Working in partnership for sales success


Data Mining

A research phase prior to training creates sales standards resulting in a unique fully customised training program for a perfect fit for each client.


Identify Success

Identifies gaps, sets behavioural objectives and engages sales teams to drive sales outcomes to the sales vision


Construction begins

We build a framework to transform transactional sales into the ultimate customer experience


Train the Process

Adaptive, simple and innovative process for increasing sales quality


Champions Toolkit

Tools and templates for key stakeholders, managers, coaches to drive sales teams


Sales Team Toolkit

Tools and processes for customer facing sales staff to deliver exceptional sales results.