About Us

The ECLIPSE team delivers dynamic, evidence-based sales, customer service and leadership training programs.

Fully custom targeted sales training

We fully customise ECLIPSE for each client; target the need and deliver dynamic training that results in stratospheric sales growth.


22 years in sales, customer service and account manager training. Stellar reputation as a top-tier provider of customized training programs. Training partner of choice for forward-thinking companies. World-class organization. We build long-term client partnership relationships

The ECLIPSE team

The ECLIPSE team includes world-class trainers, industry professionals, published authors, thought leaders and researchers. The ECLIPSE Advisory Board members are a select group of independent global sales executives and thought leaders who provide strategic advice and support to the ECLIPSE program.


Clients seek our professional advice and we are looked to for answers and assistance. We share our expertise and show clients the way sharing insights and ideas potential clients may not have considered. We help clients rethink selling and servicing their customers.

World-Class Authority

ECLIPSE serves as a role model and beacon within the sales training industry. Respected by major organisations. Authority in corporate training. Dynamic, assertive, purposeful and decisive.


Forward-thinking sales-focused organisations engage us to implement ECLIPSE. They seek growth, innovation and change. ECLIPSE is the secret weapon for sales success. We help our clients to build sales organisations that outpace their competitors. We create a clearly defined game plan to build competitive advantage.

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