What We Do

Energise sales teams to drive sales results

We Create Exceptional Customer Experience

'ECLIPSE transforms routine sales transactions into exceptional customer experiences. Empower and motivate sales teams to produce exceptional sales results.'
Catherine Mattiske - CEO - Eclipse Global

Inspired Training

Participants directly apply what they learn to each and every sales interaction, to maximise sales opportunities and create the ultimate customer experience.

Holistic Approach

Throughout implementation ECLIPSE drives accountability from top to bottom where everyone is focused on sales growth.

Innovative Sales Standards

ECLIPSE sets the standards for a professional, consistent method that raises the bar for sales and customer service excellence.

'With its strong research and evidence-based content, the vision of the ECLIPSE program is to maximise learning transfer and learning application. Each of the 19 ECLIPSE programs is customised to the exact needs of our client and targeted to individuals, managers and leaders. The outcomes are ground-breaking both from an academic and a corporate perspective.'
Dr. Paul Lever, MBA, PhD - Chief Research Officer – Eclipse Global
Chair – Eclipse Advisory Board